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The Erin Brockovich Case

Chromium Water Contamination

Forensic Toxicologist: Dr. Brautbar

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich”I would like to thank you (Dr. Brautbar) for being a part of the Hinkley groundwater contamination case which is now being presented in the movie entitled Erin Brockovich. You were the first treating physician who saw the families who were poisoned by the drinking water and was willing to study the issue of chromium toxicity, examine the patients, and do the initial work-up which was important in bringing this case to a very successful conclusion. Your open-mindedness and willingness to spend time to stand up to the big Goliath’s of this world (in this case PGE) is sincerely appreciated by me and I am sure by the Hinkley families. Thank you again.”

“God bless you.
I wish the world had more Nachman Brautbar’s.”

(s/) Erin Brockovich

Honorable Governor Pete Wilson's Handwritten Letter

Senator Richard Mountjoy – 10/08/97
I want to thank you on behalf of the people of California. Your hours of hard work and invaluable council brought success…

(s/) Govenor Pete Wilson and Senator Richard

California State Senate Commendation

Senator Richard L. Mountjoy – 11/15/00
Medical Toxicology

“Whereas, Dr. Nachman Brautbar is deserving of special public commendations for his significant contributions, including traveling to Sacramento to offer expert testimony on MTBE’s impact on human health as well as expert scientific advice to Senator Mountjoy and the California Legislature, to the approval of Senate Bill 521 (Chapter 816, 1997) which led to the State of California’s decision to remove MTBE from gasoline; and”Whereas Dr. Brautbar has brought the health problems attributed to methyl tertiary butyl ether to other physicians through discussions at meetings of various conferences and seminars; now, therefore, be it” Resolved by Senator Richard L. Mountjoy, that Dr. Nachman Brautbar be extended deep appreciation for his contributions to the approval of legislation which led to the State of California’s decision to remove MTBE from gasoline and for offering expert testimony on MTBE’s impact on human health and providing expert scientific advice to the Legislature.”

(s/) Senator Richard Mountjoy

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