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Expert Witness In Forensic Toxicology and Occupational Toxicology

The Importance of a Medical Expert Witness

A medical expert witness plays a vital role in court, particularly when it comes to personal injury cases and other related lawsuits. Specifically, many lawyers will rely on the help of such an expert witness during the initial stages of putting together a case for his or her client. After all, these expert witnesses can often reach conclusions and understandings that the untrained eye cannot. For example, in a lawsuit where it is believed that a particular chemical caused cancer in a client, a medical professional who specializes in Toxicology could provide invaluable testimony and information to contribute to the case.

When it comes to medical expert witnesses in the area of Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Brautbar is a well known and trusted professional who is frequently relied on by lawyers and clients in the area. His areas of specialty is in Nephrology, Toxicology, and Internal Medicine, though these are not his only areas of study. He offers case review services in addition to expert trial testimony for both defense and prosecution and has decades of experience in providing this service. Some specific cases he has studied and provided testimony for include those involving asbestos, lung disease, occupational diseases, and cancers believed to be related to chemicals.

Having a medical expert’s testimony or opinion on any case can make all the difference for the prosecution or defense, so it is a good idea for any attorney handling a case involving personal injury and/or chemicals to consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Brautbar. By doing this, it is possible to better understand the case that is being built. Furthermore, an expert witness with medical experience such as Dr. Brautbar also has plenty of experience when it comes to offering testimony in court.

Specifically, Dr. Brautbar is known for being able to explain even the most complex of medical and chemical terms and processes to judges, juries, and just about anybody in the court room. Often times, it can be difficult to understand how body systems work and how they respond to certain conditions, but Dr. Brautbar can do this in a way that seems effortless. This allows for a stronger case for the party he has been hired for and a better chance for a favorable outcome in court.

While it does require some allocation of funds to hire a medical expert witness, it is often more than worth it to do so in the long run for defendants and for members of the prosecution in a court case alike.

Expert Witness In Forensic Toxicology and Occupational Toxicology

Exposure to Toxic Ammonia Fumes
Daniel E. Becnel, Jr. Reserve, LA (Lawsuit: C. Knight et al. v. Koch Nitrogen CO #3:95-565 US District Court LA)

Exposure To Floor Coating Products & Cancer
Joseph Andrews, Esq Of Andrews & Hensleigh, Los Angeles, CA, (Lawsuit: Evans v. Select Products)

Toxic Chemical Exposure and Brain Damage
Dominic Gianna, New Orleans, LA (Lawsuit: Raschke v. BD Of Supervisors, et al, Louisiana District Ct. 1995)

Lung Injury Secondary to Hydrochloric Acid Vapors
Yuhl, Rhames, et al, By Michael R. Rhames, Esq, Santa Monica, CA (Legal Case: James Kish, et al, v. Carlen Homes, et al, LA County Superior Court, Santa Monica, Case No. SC 042 321, 07/98)

Forensic Toxicology Expert Witness Services

Solvent Exposure & Permanent Brain Damage
Manuel Aguirre, Esq, of Hinden, Grueskin & Aguirre, Los Angeles, CA (Lawsuit: Richard Ocampo v. Bauchet International, WCAB Case No. LAO 0757076; VNO 0373202; VNO 0373204, 10/00)

Vinyl Chloride Exposure & Lymphoma
Jamie L. Berenson, Esq, of Glauber, Berenson & Salazar (Legal Case: Jose Jacobo v. R&G Sloan, WCAB Case Number PAS 004074300, 2000)

Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney Disease & Solvent Exposure
Nestor Michelena, Los Angeles, CA (Legal Case: James Richey v. Hughes Aircraft WCAB # 40513 9/9/96)

Internal Medicine Expert Witness Services

AIDS (HIV) in a Hospital Laboratory Worker
Jamie L. Berenson, Esq, of Glauber, Berenson & Salazar (LAO DOE 15 v. Cedar Sinai Medical Center, WCAB Case Number LAO 0732646, 2000)

Asbestos Related Lung Disease
Barry Hinden, Los Angeles, CA (Lawsuit: D. A. King v. County of Los Angeles/Register Recorder’s WCAB # MON 0216013 11/4/98)

High Blood Pressure, Heart & Blood Vessels
Jack Koszdin, Encino, CA (Legal Case: WM Bryant v. White Cube Corp; CNA & WAUSAU Insurance WCAB #86 BEN 108075/76 11/12/96)

Occupational Toxicology Expert Witness Services

Toxic Exposure, Radiation & Leukemia
(Litigation: Timothy A. Larson, Mission Hills, CA G. M. A. Giesen, Widow & Guardian of D. Giesen, Minor Child Of F. Giesen, Deceased v. SGS Industrial Services; CNA/TRANSPORTATION Insurance CO. WCAB # VNO 348586 11/20/98)

Benzene & Aromatics – Accidental Release
Daniel E. Becnel, JR., Esq & Richard Arsenault, Esq., Reserve, Louisiana (Ingram Barge Litigation, Civil Action No. 97-226, 1999)

Drinking Water Contamination – Gasoline, Benzene, MTBE
Scott Summy Of Cooper, Aldous & Scully, Dallas, TX, (Legal Case: ASHCRAFT v. CONOCO INC., et al. US DISTRICT CT NC #7-95-CV-187, 8/26/97)

The information pertaining to case(s) cited herein has been extracted from the public record for the case(s) cited. The reader is invited to review the Full Text as published by contacting the appropriate location for the case cited. The presentation of these cases represents Dr. Brautbar’s involvement therein, as a medical expert either as “the lead expert”, “a lead expert”. No implication is intended that Dr. Brautbar can or will obtain these kind of results in your particular case. Each case and any awards obtained, if any, depend on the facts. This information does not constitute an endorsement, and is not represented as such.

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