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Forensic Medicine Support Services

Dr. Brautbar provides expert professional forensic medicine support services for all medicolegal issues in your case in his specialities. As a medical expert, Dr. Brautbar has the requisite clinical experience and academic achievement to form an objective medical opinion to a reasonable degree of medical probability and certainty. Dr. Brautbar integrates clinical experience, hands-on clinical practice, knowledge of medicine, and scientific evidence to form an independent, objective opinion. Dr. Brautbar gathers relevant data which he then analyzes as part of the process of differential diagnosis to formulate an expert medical opinion. Dr. Brautbar’s opinion can then be communicated by written report, deposition, or courtroom testimony.

If you are an attorney (defense or plaintiff), insurance administrator, or risk manager, Dr. Brautbar can assist you and your clients achieve scientific assessment of medical conditions by providing the following services and support in regards to litigation of toxic torts, personal injuries and product liability.

Medical Record Review

Dr. Brautbar provides medical record review for identification of meritorious/non-meritorious claims, negligence and review of prior medical records and medical history for relevance. Dr. Brautbar conducts a comprehensive review of the records, identifying the significant facts, data, and information, which allows him to provide an effective case evaluation and decision making.

Literature Research

Dr. Brautbar researches all of the medical literature currently available through on-line services and through Dr. Brautbar’s specialty electronic scientific library of 20 years data, and access to some of the largest medical libraries in the world in order to provide scientific evidence which supports causation.

Dr. Brautbar has access to more than 50 web sites on toxicology and occupational medicine, and has a full time researcher trained in the field updating his extensive scientific database, and a large support personnel for data research and assessment.

As a fellow and member of scientific societies, Dr. Brautbar has access to cutting edge scientific research and frequently speaks to top national and international leaders in toxicology and medicine.

Case Analysis

Dr. Brautbar analyzes and critiques summaries, chronologies/time lines of medical records, employment records, accident records, depositions, testimonies, reports, and scientific literature in order to prove or disprove the validity of the medical opinions in question.

Dr. Brautbar is frequently called upon to assist in discovery causation analysis, strategy and preparing your office for opposing expert’s depositions.

Medical Expert Opinion

Dr. Brautbar provides reliable medical opinion concerning whether there is a link between the injurious exposure an individual has experienced and the medical conditions or symptoms which are being reported, and he substantiates his expert medical opinion with well-established and peer-reviewed scientific evidence and documentation. For more information click here Causation, Science and the Law: Industrial & Environmental Chemical Toxicology.


Dr. Brautbar provides medical expert reporting which includes case analysis and addresses scientific evidence in regards to causation.

Dr. Brautbar is frequently retained as a consultant to prepare for opposing side expert’s depositions.

Case Strategy

Dr. Brautbar will provide case strategy: when industrial hygiene data are needed, when and what type of additional experts are warranted. (i.e. epidemcology, oncology, etc.)

Opposing Expert – Dr. Brautbar provides evaluation of publications authored by opposing expert, as well as preparation for depositions of the opposing experts either by presentation if pertinent, on-point questions, or intensive development of comprehensive product that draws from all data and facts available from records, literature, depositions, testimony and reports.

Frequently Dr. Brautbar will provide you with papers authored by experts, contradicting their current testimony.


Dr. Brautbar provides professional deposition and court testimony which furnishes relevant scientific evidence to substantiate his medical opinions.

Medical Evaluations

Dr. Brautbar is available to examine patients and make recommendations/provide testing in the areas of his expertise. Dr. Brautbar is a treating physician and addresses all issues of prognosis, treatment, and future medical care.

Dr. Brautbar’s ongoing treating and ongoing testing makes him a highly sought after expert, since he has the advantage of clinical expertise.

Disability Assessment and Impairment Assessment

Dr. Brautbar specializes in disability assessment and rating.

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